Tips For Winning Your Disability Case

When you’re applying for disability, you may be wondering if you are doing everything correctly or if you could be doing things differently. It’s a good idea to get an idea of how the Social Security Administration and the approval process works before you put in your application. If you know how it works beforehand, the less likely you are to get rejected. Here are a few tips to remember when you’re applying for disability.

Ask For Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you are trying to get approved for disability. This can include everything from contacting any social security lawyers illinois to getting letters from friends, family members, and even former coworkers that recount how your disability has affected your life. While you will always need your medical records for your disability case, you will also benefit from them writing a letter detailing how you are able to function.

Know How To Speed Up Your Case

There are a few ways that you can try to get your case sped up so you can get approval faster. Try to get your medical records before you turn in your application for SSDI. No matter how many times you sign the release, these records still manage to get lost along the line so why not get them yourself and turn them in when you turn in your application. By doing this yourself, you know that they have received them. If your situation financially is bleak, you can send in a dire need letter which could bump up your court date if it’s too far in the future. You can also consider writing a letter to your congressman about your situation. This doesn’t always work but it’s worth a try.

Be Honest

When you are filling out your application, it’s important to remember that the Social Security Administration wants facts. Focus on your disability and how it affects you instead of trying to play on emotion. Make sure to be completely honest about your disability and any other facts. If you don’t you could face rather serious repercussions beyond just getting rejected. In some cases, you could be charged with a serious crime such as fraud which could result in jail time or being forced to pay fines.

File As Quickly As Possible

Once you have become disabled, it’s important to file right away even if you think you may be able to work. The process of getting approved for disability can take years and your condition may worsen if you wait until you absolutely cannot work which can cause serious financial hardship. Benefits can also be collected retroactively. SSDI’s retroactive benefits can start before the application date while SSI will not go back any further from the date you applied. Your SSDI insurance can expire so it’s necessary to do what you can in order to get approved before you only qualify for SSI. Most people say that one of their regrets with a disability is that they waited to file.