Learn to Pick Your Best Personal Injury Attorney for the Job

When you suffer from a personal injury and you find yourself on the phone with an attorney, there are many things you need to ask.  Too many people are quick to hire a personal injury attorney without asking specific questions that can actually help win their case.  We all have to keep in mind that every personal injury is different, and it can be a challenge when you bring the case to the court system. Here are things to ask before you sign on the dotted line and bring a personal injury attorney on board.


Most attorneys can give you a ballpark dollar amount of how much you could get for your personal injury.  However, this is based on the amount of evidence you’ve brought forth and the story you have shared with them.  If it’s a personal injury the attorney has taken on before, then they could give you a more realistic dollar amount of what you could receive.  However, keep in mind, no one can give you an exact or precise answer for a particular case. Most personal injury cases can be unpredictable during the entire court process.  Never expect to get the perfect answer on how your court case will turn out. You must trust the attorney and their experience with dealing with your specific case or issue.

Who will do the work?

Most of us think when we reach out to a personal injury attorney, they will handle every bit of the case. This is not true as paralegals and legal secretaries might be the ones organizing all the documents.  It is also possible for a junior associate to do a good amount of the legal research for your case. One has to understand that a personal injury attorney takes on thousands of cases.  There is often a back staff who handles a lot of the filing, organizing the casework and speaking to you.  You can find a personal injury attorney glendale az near you.


We all know that hiring a lawyer is not cheap.  One thing you will get with the personal injury attorney is a free consultation.  This gives you a chance to explain everything that happened and allow the attorney to determine if it’s something they want to take on.  During this time, you can ask what their fees are if they come on to your case. Surprise, some personal injury attorneys could take on your specific case as a contingency.  This means that they will not receive any compensation until you do. Try to be upfront with the attorney as much as you can when discussing payments. There are some that can work out a payment plan for you if they believe your case can win in court.  Never let an attorney’s fees stop you from finding the right personal injury attorney for your case. Do enough research to find out and compare the fees among the personal injury attorneys in your nearby area.