How A Criminal Attorney Can Help You in Your Case

Having a criminal attorney is very beneficial for those of you searching for help with bail bonds, arraignments, and jury trials if applicable to your case. If you choose to pursue a non-guilty plea without the help of an attorney, you are putting yourself at risk for maximum sentencing if you are found guilty. By taking the time to contact an attorney referral service, they can point you in the direction of the most suitable lawyer to represent you on your new criminal charges and help you avoid any jail time at all.

Bail Bonds

By having any criminal defense attorney statesboro ga you can easily have your bail amount lowered or the type of bail you are on changed. Some bonds that you may be offered are secured, cash bail, recognizance, or unsecured. If you are incarcerated and unable to bail out due to the stipulations listed on your bond, you can request a bail hearing where your attorney will stand in front of the judge and ask for your bail to be amended. If the judge finds that you are worthy of being released or having your bail lowered, your conditions will be amended in order to help you be released back into the community.

Initial Arraignment

At your arraignment, you will be asked to plead guilty or not guilty unless you are facing felony charges. Your attorney will inform you of whether the district attorney is offering you a deal if you plead not guilty during your arraignment. If you feel the deal given is appropriate you can plead guilty and take the charge, or you can plead not guilty and your lawyer will have the opportunity to build a strong case for you based on the evidence in the reports.

Jury Trial

If you have made the decision to take your case to a jury trial, your attorney can help you build your case in a way that will persuade the jury into thinking you are not guilty of the crime. Without the help of an attorney, you will be unaware of how to professionally present your case or what questions to ask the witnesses that you have brought to the stand. If you cannot afford an attorney on your own, you can ask your county courthouse for an application for a court-appointed attorney to be assigned to your case at no cost.

With the help of a criminal attorney, you will be able to get professional guidance with bail bonds, jury trials, and your initial arraignment. By refusing to seek out attorneys help you risk yourself being given the maximum amount of jail time for your charge. By taking the time to call upon legal guidance, you can build a strong case to help have your charge thrown out or to get minimum sentencing with the possibility of just a fine. Needless to say, by hiring an attorney, you will face far less consequences than if you were to pursue the matter on your own.